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Our cast iron table bases are sold separately from the table tops. Most of the table bases are sold to hospitality industry furniture manufacturers.
Restaurant owner has options at their disposal. The table base is very important as it is an indication of the owners attention to detail which will make all the difference in the diner's opinion of the restaurant furniture and establishment.
Select table bases that look good and have some decorative qualities to enhance the overall restaurant image. This can be in the form of cast iron motifs such as
4000 Ornate series or  Spoon 7000 series
Dining table base must be strong and heavy or
bolted down to avoid the table being easily knocked over creating accidents. The table base must also be designed so that there is space for the restaurant guest to rest their legs & to dine in comfort.
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Table bases in variety of shapes & sizes.From Round smooth black surface to Classic (Ornate) with fine detail  design. From standard dining height at 28 3/4"to bar height at 40"available in variety  of colors depending on customers individual taste. We also offer Bolt down table base in  standard dining and bar height for bars, restaurants and pubs.Table bases to suit any taste and design.

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